Santiago, Chile: 23 Feb 2020 / 4:16 hrs

Career Path


Puente Sur was formed in 1995 in Santiago, Chile, and PSO, in its present form, started to take shape in 1998 when we began to manage the local subsidiaries of over 30 US suppliers to The Home Depot (a US chain of home-improvement stores) first in Chile and then in Argentina.  While The Home Depot decided to pull out of the region in 2001, we got enough of a taste of the back-office outsourcing field that we decided to develop our expertise in this area. 

Today, two decades later, PSO manages the Chilean back office for over 100 multinationals coming from about 20 countries and operating in more than 20 industries, and we remain focused on two things:

First are the technical abilities of our staff.  We have an exciting team of first-rate professionals who through education, prior experience, and a combination of practical training and on-going education at PSO, have learned to identify, manage, and resolve a broad range of accounting, tax, payroll, treasury and other back-office management issues that surface on a daily basis.  Our technical abilities are a corner stone of our service.

Second, and this is critical to our success, is our understanding of foreign investors’ needs and our dedication to serving these needs.  Being a good accountant, or tax analyst, or payroll analyst, or treasury or operations assistant is not enough in our business.  What we hope distinguishes our employees from the pack is their understanding of the importance of clear and timely communication; their attention to detail; their respect for procedures and protocols; their commitment to taking the time to explain the issues; their transparency and proactiveness in working with each client; and in terms of customer service, their ability to “get it”, to understand the importance of tact and professionalism.

We carry no illusion that asking this of our team is simple or can be taken for granted.  To attract and retain exceptional people requires that PSO makes an open commitment to its employees in recognizing that they are our most important asset.  In this vein, we do not see ourselves as just a stepping stone for our employees, but rather we hope to provide them with the environment, the respect, the challenge, and the projection to develop a long and rewarding career with our firm.

This career can develop in the following stages: 

  • Assistant Accounting Analyst
  • Accounting Analyst
  • Senior Accounting Analyst
  • Back-Office Supervisor
  • Back-Office Assistant Manager
  • Back-Office Manager

In addition, we offer a broad range of challenging opportunities in our Advisory, Treasury, Payroll, Operations, and Quality Assurance departments.