Santiago, Chile: 09 Apr 2020 / 16:49 hrs

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Francisca Villalobos

Francisca Villalobos

Position: Supervisor


  • Degree in Human Resources Management, Duoc, UC, Santiago

Francisca has over 5 years of experience in the area of Human Resources, and more than 10 in administrative tasks oriented to provide services for both, internal and external clients. She joined PSO at the end of 2013, focusing her career on payroll services of varying complexity, employee’s taxation, labor regulations and expats.

Her main duty is to lead PSO’s payroll team making sure that all payroll processes are carried out in a timely manner and maintaining high standards of quality, developing internal procedures to facilitate its execution. She is also in charge of our client’s transitions and initial review processes for payroll. Francisca is well known for her persistence, commitment and tidiness of her work.